Relationship Counselling

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Relationships are your emotional home. When things are not feeling comfortable in your relationships, the quality of your life, work and play can be compromised. Come along by yourself, or with others.

Self Esteem

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Do you hesitate to say what you mean, wondering what others will think of you? Do you have low confidence in yourself? Feel crippled by shyness or insecurity?

Anger Management

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Anger is a natural human response which usually means something “feels unfair” and has not gone the way you would expect or want. Managing this response well is a skill that can be learned

Eating Disorders

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Our approach to Eating Disorders is to see them as an extension of the range of “human condition” problems of relationships and quality of life, where anxiety and depression have taken a particular form.


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Stress is almost unavoidable these days. It is built into everything we do – the speed of work and home life, the pressures on relationships, and the seeming impossibility of taking sufficient time out to relax and unwind.


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Insomnia can be an immense challenge- trying to function normally without the rest and sleep that others take for granted. If your life is being ruined by sleeping problems, there is hope! There are ways for you to sleep better, feel better, and be happier with your life...


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Anxiety takes many different forms, but always at the heart of anxiety is a feeling that “I can’t cope, or I can’t handle it!”. The antidote is to learn that you can indeed be flexible and resourceful in the face of uncertainty.


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Depression, like Anxiety, is a sign that “you are not happy with yourself or the way things are” (loss of interest, no meaning, what’s the point?). Throughout human history, a great many people have felt like this and recovered.

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