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Self-Esteem Problems

Do you hesitate to say what you mean, wondering what others will think of you? Do you have low confidence in yourself? Feel crippled by shyness or insecurity?

Living with low self-esteem affects your happiness and satisfaction, limits your options and behaviour in relationships, and may block your progress in work and career. There is no need to put up with it, though.

Professional counselling can help you tackle this problem and learn your way out of it.

We can help you learn to be more assertive in a way that feels natural to you, and also how to unblock the blocks that have kept your self-esteem low.

Low self-esteem is essentially viewing yourself in a negative way. You may have a history of low confidence, shyness, insecurity, or anxiety. Sometimes harsh, critical parenting produce low self-esteem in the child. Or perhaps negative life events have worn away your confidence.

No matter how your low self-esteem came to be, you do not need to see this as how you must be throughout life. With help and guidance, it is very possible for you to learn new strategies and build a happier, more secure future where confidence and positive feelings are dominant.

Low self-esteem is a common problem. But humans are endlessly resourceful. There is no need to live with it when treatment can make such a difference.

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