Mental Illness

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Mental Illness

Mental illness is a serious health problem that affects thinking, feelings, our behaviour and our reactions.

Common mental illnesses include anxiety and depression. Less common are psychotic illnesses (losing touch with reality). A mental health problem becomes a disorder when the symptoms associated with the illness become severe and interfere with a person’s normal daily functioning.

A person with severe depression may struggle to get out of bed, or someone with severe anxiety may not be able to leave the home for fear of something catastrophic happening.

Psychotic disorders are much less common and include schizophrenia, bipolar and drug-induced psychosis.

Mental health problems can become more severe if left untreated. Early detection and intervention is vital as research confirms that treatment is more effective the sooner it commences.

If you are concerned about your own mental health, or if you are worried about someone you care for, please call Open Sky Psychology on 1300 739 531 to find out how we can help.

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