Workplace Bullying

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Workplace bullying is an endemic problem in some workplaces, where intimidation, shaming, blaming or sexual harrassment can gradually become part of the culture, sometimes without being fully recognised at first - either by the person being bullied, and sometimes even the person doing the bullying.

Sexual Assault

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We always start with the aim of helping you to feel more safe – building a respectful therapeutic relationship that allows you to tell your story in your own time, to begin the process of recovery.

Workplace Issues

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Sometimes the workplace can be a minefield, especially for those prone to anxiety or perfectionism. Performance reviews, pressure to meet deadlines or deliver in a team, or simply wanting to make a good impression. Emotional stumbling blocks like these can make the workplace feel hostile even when it isn't.

Family Counselling

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Family counselling offers a unique opportunity for families to consider changing some of the dynamics between them that appear to be creating problems. It is difficult to define what a family is these days, as many families are complex, multi-layered sets of relationships which have evolved over time.

Postnatal Depression

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Many mothers and families find Postnatal Depression confounding because it often seems to make no sense. Yet having a baby is a big hormonal bodily event, as well as a big life event, so the possibility of overwhelm is actually very understandable.

Weight Management

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For some people, maintaining a healthy weight range is a constant struggle. You may be overweight or obese, battle with losing or maintaining weight loss, have distorted body image or have troublesome eating patterns.

Grief and Loss

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Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion that may surface after an experience of loss – sometimes straight away, sometimes much later.


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When you have an addiction, whether it may be alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex, the internet or porn, you find that you no longer run your life – your addiction does.


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There are many fortunate people in the world who are certain of their sexual identity and orientation from an early age, and never think to question it.

Marriage Counselling

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Being happily married or in a long-term couple relationship is not something that happens by good fortune, but rather, like most things of value, by effort and commitment. Our skilled counsellors can help you access strategies to navigate and negotiate this most important emotional territory of your life...

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