Postnatal Depression

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Perinatal and Postnatal Counselling Support for Mothers

At Open Sky Psychology, our psychologist AnasuaChakrabarti has a special interest in helping mothers-to-be with the transitions to motherhood, as well as providing support to mothers who may be experiencing depression in the wake of having a baby.

Although you may have planned for or wanted this child with all your heart and soul, the complex nature of the experience can also produce a great deal of stress, distress or even depression, once the pregnancy or baby has arrived.

Counselling support can make all the difference in how you cope with these two major kinds of life experiences – referred to as perinatal distress, and postnatal depression.

Perinatal Distress – Counselling Support

From the moment of conception on, throughout pregnancy, and especially throughout the first year of your baby’s life, your body, thinking, circumstances and relationships may well be changing more profoundly than ever before. Big changes, even positive ones, can be stressful, especially when you are adjusting to so many things at once.

Perinatal distress, and its more extreme forms of perinatal anxiety and/or depression, can be produced by a combination of biological, sociological and psychological factors. It can affect both mothers and fathers.

The term “perinatal” refers to first experiences of becoming pregnant and extends up to (and sometimes beyond) the baby’s first year.

Postnatal Depression – Counselling Support

After your baby is born, your daily routine undergoes massive change, as you intensively care for the new baby’s needs, and adjust to the joys and difficulties of becoming a mother – or of adding another child to your family.

It can feel like nothing short of a military operation, as you navigate increased responsibilities on less sleep, while remaining constantly on-guard to the idiosyncratic messages of your newborn.

In the first few weeks after birth, you may notice your mood sinking and exhaustion setting in, and an unexpected feeling of being disconnected from your baby and in fact everything – losing your interest, appetite and ability to enjoy yourself, and feeling increasingly hopeless. In fact you may be experiencing any of the symptoms of depression, explained in more detail on our depression page.

You may notice your self-esteem plummet, panic or suicidal thoughts rising, and yet feel confused at why you would be feeling depressed.

This is a time when Our Team of psychologists can help by giving you chance to talk over what has been happening for you in a totally non-judgemental way.

These negative experiences of perinatal distress and postnatal depression happen to many women (about 16% of women experience postnatal depression), and also some men.

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