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Sexual Harassment

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We always start with the aim of helping you to feel more safe – building a respectful therapeutic relationship that allows you to tell your story in your own time, to begin the process of recovery.

Couples Counselling

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When you are living with a life partner, the quality of that relationship has a huge impact on how you face each day of your life. Whether you are in a new relationship, or have been together for decades, couples counselling can do much to enrich relationships in trouble...

Complex Trauma

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Complex Trauma is psychological damage (and sometimes physical damage too) inflicted on a person by extremely stressful experiences over time. This form of chronic trauma may include direct threats to the person’s life, safety, psychological sanity or bodily integrity and security.

Bipolar Disorder

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If you have Bipolar Disorder, you have come to the right place, because at Ryde/Gladesville we understand this illness very well. We specialise in helping people with bipolar, and over the last 15 years have helped many hundreds of people to learn how to manage it,


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Traumatic experiences are those that have disrupted our sense of safety in the world or relationships, eg. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), sexual abuse, bullying, war.

Life Issues

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Life, it turns out, can be harder than you think. Some of the major milestones that in your younger days you thought would just happen automatically for you, may not have eventuated – or if they did, may not have fulfilled that early promise. Things like finding a life partner, having children, or working in a job that feels right for you

Terminal Illness

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Caring for someone with a terminal illness is an emotional and stressful experience, often involving a range of feelings such as hope, fear, stress, anger, regret and grief.

Pain Management

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Chronic pain is a common experience in Australia: about one-third of people experience chronic pain, and for some, pain is constant. In adults, pain can be caused by injuries, surgery, and medical conditions like arthritis and back problems.

Workplace Bullying

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Workplace bullying is an endemic problem in some workplaces, where intimidation, shaming, blaming or sexual harrassment can gradually become part of the culture, sometimes without being fully recognised at first - either by the person being bullied, and sometimes even the person doing the bullying.

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