Many people are certain of their sexual identity and orientation from an early age, and never think to question it.  But for many of those for whom sexual identity is instead a fluid matter, the quest to forge a sexual identity that feels right can be prolonged and sometimes anguished.

There are a wide range of sexual orientations, including attraction to opposite sex partners (heterosexual), same sex partners (gay or lesbian), or to partners regardless of their gender identity (bi-sexuality or pansexuality), or those who don’t tend to experience sexual attraction to others (asexuality). The term queer is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of non-heterosexual orientations.

Understanding and acceptance of the existence of this broad range of possible sexual orientation is an important advance in promoting a non-judgemental stance in relation to others’ individual differences.

If you’ve spent much of your life questioning who you are and who you are “supposed” to be attracted to, you are living in that twilight zone of uncertain sexual identity, which stops you being comfortably you.

Sometimes family members and friends may not be equipped to help you work through how you feel about these matters, and this means you may be feeling isolated, confused, and very alone.

This is where our psychologists can help – we will support you and provide a safe place to work through your feelings at your own pace. In our counselling, we help you to explore, develop, accept and love your own self for who you feel yourself to be in terms of your sexuality, as you define it. No matter what, we want to help you find the pathway that helps you feel most authentically, most refreshingly, yourself.

On the other hand, you may already be quite comfortable with your sexual orientation – but you may be struggling instead with difficult situations, perhaps judgements from others, and need to talk it over with someone who can understand and help.

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