Family Counselling

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Family Counselling

Family counselling offers a unique opportunity for families to consider changing some of the dynamics between them that appear to be creating problems. It is difficult to define what a family is these days, as many families are complex, multi-layered sets of relationships which have evolved over time.

Some families that usually function in quite a healthy way may sometimes opt for family therapy in order to address a specific problem and nip it in the bud. This is an astute use of family therapy as a resource.

Other families come because they want help with the level of complexity they find themselves dealing with. Separation, divorce, complicated parenting arrangements, integrating new partners, financial stressors and communication breakdowns can make it seem daunting for family members to navigate the cross-fire.

Further complications may be anger, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, sibling rivalries, and chronic conflict in the way family members interact.

We view families as a system – where all members are connected and all members tend to play or be defined by a particular role (eg the peace-maker, the scapegoat, etc). When one member changes, the system changes to some extent, in turn changing the way some of the members interact. Family therapy can be a powerful force for positive change, if the members are willing to work together and collaborate with the counsellor.

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