Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in workplaces, schools, and universities is unacceptable and illegal. Unwanted or unwelcome sexual attention – whether written, verbal or physical – that results in the subject feeling offended, humiliated, or intimidated is considered sexual harassment and shouldn’t be tolerated. Everyone has the right to an environment free of harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

Sexual harassment can include:

  • unwelcome physical contact
  • sexual comments and jokes
  • comments with sexual undertones or meanings
  • sex-based insults
  • the display of rude and offensive material, e.g. posters, lewd images.
  • requests for sex or sexual favours
  • queries about your sex life

Whichever form it takes and where it occurs, sexual harassment is unacceptable and can cause considerable distress. People’s reactions can differ and may include:

  • being unable to trust your employer or the people you work with
  • feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
  • lacking confidence and belief in yourself and your work
  • physical symptoms of stress such as headaches or sleep problems
  • having your life outside of work or school or university affected, e.g. relationships

How to get help

Our therapists can provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space for you to talk through what you have been experiencing, and help you to formulate a plan for resolving the impact the harassment has had on you and your life.

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